University Island Competition

1. Instead of to a given program, we also propose an extension of the city.

2. Instead of understanding the island as limited scale field, we propose a more intense relationship with Venice.

3. Instead of untamed vegetation, we propose to look back in time and reorganize the landscape of the island.

4. Instead of Poveglias’ the isolated nature , we propose a permanent link.

5. Instead of filling the island with programmatic needs and facilities, we propose to give value to emptiness.

6. Instead of rebuilding the existing constructions, we propose reusing the ruins to keep the reflection of time in the site.

7. Instead of a conventional building, we propose an infrastructure that holds multiple spatial experiences and possible uses.

Nombre del proyecto
University Island competition
Young Architects Competitions
Junio 2016
Moisés Royo + Jesús Donaire
Mireia García Lleó
Gonzalo García-Robledo Bueno
Carlos Orbea Martínez
Ilaria Rossi
Leoni Simone
Alberto Luengo Maestre
Francisco Naranjo Martell
Guiseppe Rizza

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